"Unlike so many of my so-called friends and comrades from the past, Bobby's love and support for me, and for what we try to create and capture here at Holden Automotive, never wavered. Not at all. Not for a minute. Not for a second. And I'm sorry for putting it that way, but it's the God's honest truth. He never stopped being there for me since we first met in 1976. And he's been there for this humble, little company since its inception, from day fucking one, long before we even thought about making films. And unlike so many of us, myself included, of course - especially myself - memories of who he was and what he was all about don't need to be shined up or polished now that he's left this world. Not in the slightest. He was truly one of the good ones, the great ones, the angels. And he blessed this wretched planet with his presence, plain and simple. He had a heart as big as a damn mountain, and he shared every bit of it with us poor souls. Period. And he had one helluva mind. So wise, so articulate. And one helluva wickedly dry sense of humor, too. Matter of fact, I can hear him now, saying, flatly, 'Well, I guess since your little, white ass is back to grieving at full force again, Holden, it'll soon be time for us to make another one of our bright and shiny epics, eh?' Yep, you're fucking right, 'Cooldridge.' It is. How's next summer for ya? Oh, well, see you there in spirit again, I guess, eh? And you better be there, asshole. I couldn't replace you if I wanted to. Until then, if you don't tap me on the shoulder before then, know that Hanne and I, along with the rest of the gang here (especially Don Allen, John Baldwin, Michael Loren Donaldson, Susan Poulton, Steve Spikes, and the Van Horn twins), as well as all of the many others who loved you and just can't get their heads and chests around the fact that you checked outta this dump already, will always do our very best to be there for Val and the kids."


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