Ray Carney Long before he ever blessed us with his review of "My Father's House," I was reading passages from his incredible Cassavetes on Cassavetes book aloud to my cast and crew. His writings have radically changed the way I both look at, and make films.
Mary Greene I met Mary and her creative partner, Noel Shine, through Mary's brother Willie, who acted in "Drifter Did Escape." Good people, good tunes.
Hanne Kristiansen My wife - one helluva woman, and one helluva fashion designer.
Paige Moss I’ll be begging this amazingly talented young lady to be in every story I ever tell. Completely fearless. And her level of dedication would shame most actors.
The Phantom Editor One of the most all-around talented people I have ever met in my life. Without his help during the post-production of "My Father’s House," I probably would’ve driven my car off a cliff – with all of the footage sitting on my lap.
The Skip Castro Band I first saw these guys play live in a club in Washington, D.C. back in 1978, and I’ve been their biggest fan ever since. And, twenty-plus years later, I was lucky enough to get them to honor us with a performance in "My Father’s House." No band in the world gets a joint jumping like these good ol’ boys from Charlottesville, Virginia.
Alexander Stojanov One day, I got a letter from this cool, fifteen year old kid in Bulgaria regarding "Batman Begins." The next day, I saw some of his artwork. On the third day, I asked him to join our team.


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