"Tucked In His Knuckles is a strong, powerful, passionate work. Thank God for that. Not a game. Not a story. Not an attempt to flatter or please an audience. But a deeply sincere exploration of sadness and grief and the way a life can run off the rails without us being able to control it or even realize it for a long time."

— Ray Carney
Author of Cassavetes on Cassavetes
Quoted from a review published at www.cassavetes.com

"Tucked in His Knuckles proves that Larry Holden is a 'pants man.' Shorts were never designed to contain balls of that size. He puts himself way out there and never apologizes for it. At one point, I wanted to turn it off and call Larry and ask him what the fuck he was doing. I was upset. It's a film that made me sit in silence for an hour and think about what just happened. After doing that I realized I had witnessed something extraordinary. It is a film that is real, and I can't get it out of my head."

— Rob Tiffin
Georgia, U.S.A.

"I just watched Tucked In His Knuckles, and I'm simply blown away. It really is an extraordinary work. Powerful as a word, for me, doesn't do it justice. It's more like I've been transported into this state of such profound contemplative silence that I even find talking or writing about it at the moment too difficult. It's a magnificent, challenging, beautiful film, and it has taken me to a place in the stillness of my front room on this cold February night here in London that I never expected to be but am so grateful to visit. It's really touched me and inspired me and invaded me... it was truly fantastic. One of the most amazing things I've seen in film."

— Richard Brake
London, England

"Tucked in His Knuckles is an emotionally draining film, real and honest. It brought back haunting memories of a time when I walked around in a fog, barely functioning, drifting aimlessly in slow motion, and the only audible sound was the echo of my own breath. The film expertly captured the emotions I felt, places I'd been, times I'd seen and a devastating loss I had to endure."

— Stacy Allen
Colorado, U.S.A.

"I happily entered into the intimacy of this film unaware that it would lead me down a path, cracked to the core with raw emotion, that would leave me completely drained, yet exhilarated and wanting more. It is a powerful piece of work and a beautiful ode to love, family and friendship. I'm still under the spell. Wonderful."

— Ally Ni Chiarain
Dublin, Ireland

"What happens when your nightmares become your reality? When situations take control of your entire being and you exist in a truly dream-like state? And the only way you know if your feelings are valid is if the media say they are? Larry Holden explores these issues in his latest film Tucked In His Knuckles. But this film is not for the timid viewer. Holden expects his audience to work as hard as he has in writing, directing and producing his art. I have thought about this movie on and off for several weeks. This is one of those movies that 'sticks' to you... The opening scene has got to be one of the scariest I've ever watched. My heart raced the whole time... Holden pulled me into a place where I was very uncomfortable but didnít want to leave.... Tucked In His Knuckles is a world of depression, grief, anger and love; all portrayed brilliantly and sympathetically by Jan-Espen Slinning. Many of us have been in his shoes when our worlds forever change, when we finally have to acknowledge that we are not in control. We can easily become prisoners of our emotions and situations, or we can use them to overcome our selfishness and reach out to others... I believe Tucked In His Knuckles has moved from simply being a film, to Art on film; film is Larry Holdenís medium."

— Bernadette Wdzieczny
Alabama, U.S.A.

"Tucked In His Knuckles is like a very strange puzzle. Not sure how and if it will all make sense at first. There are some moments that Holden leaves you hanging to the point of being uncomfortable. And then things unravel and you are left to put the pieces together yourself. You will continue to think about this film long after viewing it, maybe even lose some sleep. Funny, fucked-up, and heartbreaking - all at the same time."

— Ann Nichols
Delaware, U.S.A.

"Tucked In His Knuckles by Larry Holden is far different than any other movie I have seen. At first I was perplexed and I really had to think about what was happening. It's very personal, honest, sincere, heartfelt and deeply emotional. At times I felt like I was intruding, as the details communicated were so personal. I had this uncomfortable feeling I was invading their privacy by hearing what they had to say. As the movie progressed, I came to understand that revealing feelings, no matter what they were, was an important part for self-help, continuing relationships, and, hopefully, moving on - especially true after a personal tragedy. For most people this is extremely difficult, as we see here. The movie showed that it is not easy to see things clearly at times, and that everyone handles grief in their own way, sometimes badly for themselves. Tragedy usually affects more than one person, and we see the need for help from those closest. Human emotions are the stars of this movie, and it would, I think, help any person in similar circumstances to at least know that they are not alone with their trepidation. It is a sensitive, bold, and courageous movie that will keep you thinking. We all have emotions and Larry Holden is not afraid to show them in his movies."

— Deborah Ralph
Canberra, Australia


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